We have been able to meet our clients special design requirements and market needs. We have set ourselves apart from our competition in both the local and international market by adhering to strict quality control and assurance regulations to ensure that the client’s needs are being met. Our deliverables to our clients includes a strict deliverables system, which ensures the client’s involvement throughout the delivery process from design to production to fabrication. Some of these customized profiles systems are for our export clients, others are for our local clients. Some of these systems include: complete shutter systems, ‘Jumbo Profiles’, special kitchen profiles, and other specialized profiles systems. Our client’s privacy and design rights are one of our top priorities to which we honour throughout the design process and fabrication.



We have been successful in exporting to the Gulf, North Africa and Europe. Today, our export customers are return customers of which some are exclusively using our product lines. We are a growing factory, and we take pride in our product and efforts with the ambition of continued success in the surrounding markets.